Greetings Earthling!


Dethbert Jones here!

A book of letters from me to my Earth pen-pal (DEAR EARTHLING: COSMIC CORRESPONDENT) is currently available from all good Earth bookstores.

I know you're keen to rush out and buy it but in the meantime, here are some factoids about me:

I live on planet Crank in a galaxy far from yours. However, I'm fascinated by Earth and its people. Your ways sure are strange though! I can't imagine not having a robot like Andi as a best friend (even if he is rather annoying at times).

My dad is an inventor and he crossed a chicken with a snail, the result of which is 'Precious' my pet Chickensnail.

If you could cross two animals to get one awesome pet, which ones would you choose?

Maybe you could draw a picture of it and ask an Earth inventor to create one for you?



Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent was recently launched in style. Pen Avey even made a prop, complete with cut-out -- perfect for selfies!

In other news...

Common Deer Press are running a BLAMTASTIC design competition until June 30 2019. There are some fantabulous prizes and it's open to Earthlings ages 8-12 who are resident in the UK, US and Canada.

Visit to find out more details, and good luck!

                                                    !!Hot off the Press!!

An interview with Pen Avey has been featured in the June 2019 issue of Story Monsters Ink!

I love baking tasty treats.

Here I am in the kitchen with leader of the Space Cadets Pudding Squadron, Sergeant Megatron 5000


Andi Social

Robot and bestie

Andi lives in fear of meteors (he's allergic to them) and crustard (the gloopy sauce plays havoc with his circuitry).

Killian Brown


Killian enjoys swinging me about by my collar if I get in her way. I don't mind, as at least she notices me!

Sergeant Megatron 5000

Leader of the Space Cadets Pudding Squadron

The Sarge is a mean looking robot who loves to bake.

Stabwell Phillips

Arch Enemy

Stabwell was dumb enough to disintegrate his own hand with a ray gun, but now he's fitted with a bionic hand that can crush a stone. Gulp!

Great Aunt Grumbeloid

Catankerous old lady

Enjoys a good moan.


Dethbert is the pen pal I never knew I needed."

Allyson AritchetaARC reviewerAllyson Aritcheta's review

If you're looking for an entertaining and humorous read, this is it!"

JulieaduncanLibrary Thing ReviewerJulieaduncan's review

This is fun for adults and kids alike. I don't think there is much of an age that wouldn't enjoy this book. It also includes illustrations!"

ChazziFrazzLibrary Thing ReviewerChazziFrazz


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The robot leader of the Space Cadets, Sergeant Megatron 5000 has interviewed four stars from the book! The interviews appear on the Common Deer Press Blog, but you can link to them from here! 

Great Aunt Grumbeloid

Killian Brown

Andi Social

Dethbert Jones

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