Dethbert Jones here!

A book of letters from me to my Earth pen-pal (DEAR EARTHLING: COSMIC CORRESPONDENT) is currently available from all good Earth bookstores.

I know you're keen to rush out and buy it but in the meantime, here are some factoids about me:

I live on planet Crank in a galaxy far from yours. However, I'm fascinated by Earth and its people. Your ways sure are strange though! I can't imagine not having a robot like Andi as a best friend (even if he is rather annoying at times).

My dad is an inventor and he crossed a chicken with a snail, the result of which is 'Precious' my pet Chickensnail.

If you could cross two animals to get one awesome pet, which ones would you choose?

Maybe you could draw a picture of it and ask an Earth inventor to create one for you?

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